Devsar Assembly Constituency, Sidhi, Madhya Pradesh

Contesting Candidates of Sidhi, Madhya Pradesh - Loksabha Elections 2019

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EVM Button NumberCandidateElection Symbol/Party
(not set)Gyani Jaiswal(Affadavit)Independent
(not set)Sanjay Kumar Namdeo(Affadavit)Communist Party of India
Communist Party Of India
(not set)Ram Das Shah(Affadavit)Peoples Party Of India (democratic)
(not set)Ajay Arjun Singh(Affadavit)Indian National Congress
Indian National Congress
(not set)Shyam Lal(Affadavit)Bhartiya Shakti Chetna Party
(not set)Riti Pathak(Affadavit)Bharatiya Janata Party
Bharatiya Janata Party
(not set)Nirmala Prajapati(Affadavit)Akhil Bhartiya Gondwana Party
(not set)Ramraj(Affadavit)Independent
(not set)Ram Rahees Kol(Affadavit)Communist Party Of India (marxist-leninist) Red Star
(not set)Dhramendra(Affadavit)Independent
(not set)Fatte Bahadur Singh Markam(Affadavit)Gondvana Gantantra Party
(not set)Ramawatar Vishwakarma(Affadavit)Independent
(not set)Ramlal(Affadavit)Bahujan Samaj Party
Bahujan Samaj Party
(not set)Shrawan Kumar(Affadavit)Independent
(not set)Lalta(Affadavit)Independent
(not set)Ramvishal(Affadavit)Rashtriya Shoshit Samaj Party
(not set)Dileep(Affadavit)Independent
(not set)Lalan(Affadavit)Independent
(not set)Dheerendra Kumar(Affadavit)Independent
(not set)Ramadhar(Affadavit)Sapaks Party
(not set)Ramkumar Jaysval(Affadavit)Independent
(not set)Anup Kumar Singh(Affadavit)Samagra Utthan Party
(not set)Rakesh(Affadavit)Independent
(not set)Gyani Jaiswal(Affadavit)Saman Aadmi Saman Party
(not set)Ram Kripal Basor(Affadavit)Republican Party Of India (a)
(not set)Mo. Jahageer Ansari(Affadavit)Independent
(not set)Ashish Kumar Singh Chauhan(Affadavit)Shivsena
(not set)Ramsahay(Affadavit)Independent
(not set)Ram Lal Panika(Affadavit)Bahujan Samaj Party
Bahujan Samaj Party
(not set)Com. Sanjay Namdeo(Affadavit)Communist Party of India
Communist Party Of India
(not set)Anup Singh Sengar(Affadavit)Samagra Utthan Party
(not set)Nirmala Dr. H.l. Prajapati(Affadavit)Akhil Bhartiya Gondwana Party
(not set)Ram Kripal Bashor(Affadavit)Republican Party Of India (a)
(not set)Ramdas Shah Mulnivasi(Affadavit)Peoples Party Of India (democratic)
(not set)Ramvishal Pal(Affadavit)Rashtriya Shoshit Samaj Party
(not set)Ramadhar Gupta "mai Ke Lal"(Affadavit)Sapaks Party
(not set)Shyam Lal Vaishya(Affadavit)Bhartiya Shakti Chetna Party
(not set)Dileep Kumar Shukla(Affadavit)Independent
(not set)Dharmendra Singh Baghel(Affadavit)Independent
(not set)Rakesh Kumar Patel(Affadavit)Independent
(not set)Ram Kumar Jaysval(Affadavit)Independent
(not set)Ramraj Yadav(Affadavit)Independent
(not set)Ramsahay Shahu(Affadavit)Independent
(not set)Lalta Prasad Jayswal(Affadavit)Independent
(not set)Shrawan Kumar Dwivedi "samajwadi"(Affadavit)Independent

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devsar Assembly Constituency - #81

PartyBharatiya Janata Party
ELection Date2018-12-11

rewa Divisional Commissioner

NameShri Shivnarayan Rupla
Phone42100 25008

sidhi Deputy Commissioner

NameDr. Masood Akhatar
Phone52203 25001

sidhi Lok Sabha Constituency

Lok Sabha MP NamePathak,smt. Riti
PartyBharatiya Janata Party
Permanent Address
F-48, Opp. Forest Office, Kotwali Road,
Delhi Address
86, South Avenue, M.P. Flats, New Delhi-110 011